English Meaning of du:r

Meaning of 'du:r' (दूर)

far off, far away, away; distant; remote; ~गामी far-reaching; ~ग्राही teleceptor; ~चित्र telephoto; ~दर्शक prescient, prudent, far-seeing; a telescope; •यंत्र a telescope; ~दर्शन television; ~दर्शिता far-sightedness, prudence, sagacity; ~दर्शी far-sighted, prudent, sagacious; ~दृष्टि farsight; farsightedness; ~बीन a telescope; ~भाष a telephone; ~मुद्रक a teleprinter; ~वर्ती distant, remote; ~वीक्षण a telescope; •यंत्र a telescope; ~संचार telecommunication; ~संवेद्य telesthetic; ~स्थ/~स्थित remote, distant, located/situated far away; outlying; —करना to reject, to condemn; to ward off, to remove; —का situated far away; remote; far-fetched; —की करना to make a remarkable utterance, to make an utterance with far-reaching implications, to make a prudent remark; —की कौड़ी far-fetched imagination, fantastic idea; —की बात a far cry; far-fetched remark; very subtle remark; —की सोचना to visualise future course of events; to be sagacious, to be prescient; —के ढोल सुहावने far fowls have fair feathers; —क्यों जाइये ! why go far, take a ready example; —से नमस्कार/सलाम करना to give wide berth to, to avoid, to steer clear of.

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