English Meaning of ādhera:

Meaning of 'ādhera:' (अँधेरा)

darkness; dark; —गुप्प/घुप्प pitch dark; black out; —पाख the dark half of the month; —उजाला prosperity and adversity;—गहराये तो सवेरा हो the darkest hour is that before the dawn; —छा जाना darkness to be thickened, to be enveloped in darkness; to be overwhelmed by gloom (due to some terrible emotional shock etc.; अँधेरे घर का उजाला an only son; a very handsome child; अँधेरे मुँह at the first dawn of the day; अँधेरे में छलाँग लगाना to leap into the dark; अँधेरे में टटोलना to grope in the dark; अँधेरे में तीर मारना to strike in the dark, to strike without taking an aim; अँधेरे में रखना to keep in dark.

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